DisneySide party decor

After showing y’all all of my goodies that Disney sent us to host our very own #DisneySide @ Home Celebration, I am super excited to show you the details of our party!

A few weeks ago, I decided we would invite several family members and friends, who are like family, over for a little Mickey get together.

DisneySide Invitations

This was our guests’ first hint at what was in store for them!

I had a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what we were going to do for our party to really show off our DisneySide. I hadn’t thrown a big par-tay at our house in about three years, and I wanted to make sure all of our guests would have a great time. Because we had such a range in ages, I wanted to make sure Mickey was well represented, but I also wanted to ensure that our teenagers felt cool enough to enjoy the day. Needless to say, I also wanted it to be EASY!

First, I checked out Spoonful.com to see what sorts of Mickey ideas they had for me. Bubba loves the new Mickey Mouse classic type cartoons, so I definitely wanted to have that kind of feel. Then, I decided to go to the fabric store to see if there was anything that inspired me, and Voila! there it was. A red felt Mickey fabric next to rolls of cheap burlap and different black and white fabrics. I was in heaven. Did I mention I like lots of pattern? I got a few yards of fabric, and the rest took care of itself.

DisneySide party decor

A little glimpse into our party. A Mickey wreath to greet you at the door and hidden and not-so-hidden Mickeys everywhere.

Once everyone arrived, we got right down to the food! It’s my favorite part! I think my favorites were the super easy Mickey cupcakes. My DisneySide likes cute cupcakes!

DisneySide Food

Come on. You know you wanted to see the food. Right? Check out our Mickey Mix. It has Craisins (provided by Ocean Spray), Mickey popcorn, and chocolate covered Mickey pretzels. Yummy!

After everyone was sufficiently full, it was onto the games!

At our parties, we always have a large jar of candy of varying shapes and sizes. Anyone can take a guess at how many pieces of candy are in the jar. I always use different shapes and sizes of candy, and occasionally, just to be super sneaky, I tie several candy bars together and hide them in the middle. Everyone writes down their guess, and you can’t change your answer once it’s written down. We always announce the winner, the person closest to the actual number, at the very end of the party. Let’s just say it can get very mathematical around our house as our guests try to estimate close enough to be able to take home the candy. Who knew math could be so tasty?!?

DisneySide candy jar

The jar of candy requirement. Trust me. Guests of all ages LOVE this game. If they win, they keep the candy.

We also had everyone try to draw Mickey’s head. I had no idea that adults and kids would all get so competitive over sketching little ole’ Mickey. It was vicious, y’all!

DisneySide Game

Who knew that drawing Mickey would bring out such competitiveness? See those serious faces?

We also played the #DisneySide trivia that was sent in our box, and I took a few of the song questions out of our Disney Beat the Parents board game to play Disney movie song trivia. We all had so much fun, and everyone loved their prizes. All of the winners’ names were placed in a hat to win our grand prize, a Night at Home at the Movies! I got a popcorn container and filled it with candy and a box of popcorn. My amazing friend and Disney travel agent for Joyful Journeys, Lisa Lacey, provided the movie, Enchanted.

DisneySide prize baskets

I think our prize baskets might have encouraged a little too much competitiveness out of some of our guests!

All of the kids had a blast taking snaps in our #DisneySide photo booth. I think the mustaches and hats were the favorite accessories. As you can see the kids ranged in age from 19 months to 18 years old. They are all such wonderful people, and I love it when they can all see each other and hang out at our house.

DisneySide photo booth

Looks like all of the kids had a good time at our #DisneySide photo booth! Thanks to Nathan McFarland for helping out with picture taking duties!

Before everyone left, all of the kids got goodie bags, and each family got a great packet of travel information from Joyful Journeys about Walt Disney World, Adventures by Disney, and Disney Cruise Lines. Those also included one of the HP Photo Packs that HP generously provided that would let the families print out pictures from their next Disney vacation.

DisneySide Gifts

Check out the kids’ gift bags with their goodies! The Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot at Target really helped out on this.   Lisa Lacey helped us with our family bundles. Great info, and the HP Photo Packs were a perfect add!

So, now you want to throw your own party, but don’t know where to start? Check out the DisneySide and DisneySide Celebrations websites. They show you everything you need to know about all of the ways to show your DisneySide and throw your own par-tay! Have fun, and come back here to show me what your DisneySide looks like!

Thank you to the following sponsors of the #DisneySide @ Home Celebrations and our party:

Disney Parks
CraisinsThe Chew
Ocean Spray Craisins
HP and TwoSmiles
American Tourister
Muppets: Most Wanted
Joyful Journeys

Is there more? You betcha! Wondering what I did with the rest of the stuff that Disney provided for our party? Well, that’s the other half of our celebration. Click here to find out what we have in store for some people who really deserve a party!

Disney sent some of the products you see for us to throw a party, mmm-kay. Joyful Journeys provided the movie Enchanted for a prize basket. The opinions, obvious issues with chevron and burlap, and creativity are all my own.

  1. Zee says:

    AARRRGGH …We missed this! Man you should see the pout on this lil face down here. She could give the Grinch a run for his money…LOL. Looks like you guys had a blast. I love your creativity. You should start a business.

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