40 Book Challenge

A new year’s challenge. The challenge is to read 40 books in 365 days.

With every new year comes new adventures and new resolutions, and 2015 means a book challenge. This year, I wanted to really challenge myself. With everyone’s increasing dependence on mobile devices and technology, I wanted to get back down to basics. I want to read. Not read on a device, but read actual books. Yes, I have an e-reader and Nook and Kindle apps on my iPad, but there is something about turning actual pages in a book.

The challenge is to read 40 books starting on January 1, 2015. I have through December 31, 2015 to get through all 40…and maybe more. This means that I have to read a book every 9 days (give or take). I’ll be starting with Neil Gaiman’s Ocean at the End Of the Lane.

I’ll be having themed months. January will be Neil Gaiman month. He’s one of my favorite authors, and this will be a great warm up to digging in and reading again. I’m hoping for a Classics month, a Geek month, a Non-Fiction month, a local author’s month, and Southern author’s month.

What are your recommendations? What other themes do you think I should try? I’m excited, but I’m definitely going to need your help! Make sure to let me know which books need to be on my list this year.

  1. LBD says:

    If you have a random/made into a movie/humor/fiction month, I recommend This is Where I Leave You. I also really like Pat Benatar’s autobiography. And No Reservations by Anthony Bourdain was an entertaining memoir, even though I think he’s a ginormous ass hat.

  2. Zee says:

    That’s a good one to start with. You could also read Amanda’s book which made some really interesting points. I have all the apps too, but I actually still prefer actual books. I always buy the books of the authors that I like the most. My child will only read on a device if she really has to, other than that it is books all the way. I would suggest a paranormal month or a cultural month where you read about another culture. I love stuff on the Maori people of New Zealand.

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