Ridley Pearson Speaking

The Kid Enchants Another Author–Ridley Pearson Signing and Kingdom Keepers

A little more than a week ago, The Kid and I went to the Ridley Pearson signing for the latest Kingdom Keepers novel. The Kid, well, she thinks authors are cool. Actually, in her eight year old world, authors are like rock stars. The Kid’s GEEK is reading. She doesn’t just read; she reads copiously. She devours 700+ page novels in just days. She remembers characters and conversations from books verbatim. She lives in her books. She laughs out loud and cries with her characters. This is her thing, her geek, and because of that, there are an abundance of books in our house.

It was time to reward her for some serious reading she had been doing for the last few months, and when I saw that Ridley Pearson was going to be just up the road at Fox Tale Book Shoppe signing his new Kingdom Keepers book, I knew this was the perfect reward. However, it had been a little while since she read the first 5 Kingdom Keepers books, and we needed to make sure that she was up to date. It was about 10 days from the signing, and I made her a deal. If she could read the first 5 books before the signing, I would buy her the last two books, and we would go to get them signed. That was pretty much all I had to say.

The first book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark, was re-read in the first 24 hours (340 pages). The second book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney at Dawn, and third book, Kingdom Keepers: Disney in Shadow, took another 3 days total (900+ pages). The fourth book, Kingdom Keepers: Power Play (449 pages), took a little while longer, about 4 days) since it was a nice weekend outside, and she wanted to play. She finished the fifth book, Kingdom Keepers: Shell Game (560 pages) in the 36 hours just before the signing. That is some serious reading time in just 10 days.

I didn’t know much about the books themselves. I knew about the Kingdom Keepers Quest at the Magic Kingdom for groups of 10+ people at Walt Disney World. I also knew that the books take place inside the parks at Disney World and on one of the Disney Cruise ships. I knew vaguely about villains and the kids that are pitted against them in the books, but that’s about it. The Kid quickly gave me a more in depth overview during lunch, and off we went.

Ridley Pearson Speaking

Ridley Pearson speaking about the final installment of the Kingdom Keepers series at Fox Tale Book Shoppe in Woodstock, GA on April 8, 2014.

As always, the foxes as they call themselves, at Fox Tale put on a great event. Fox Tale Book Shoppe is a great little indie bookseller that features all kinds of authors. This signing was just one of many this month, and it looks like there are plenty more to keep us busy.

There were quite a few people there when we arrived, and it was extremely well organized. Mr. Pearson, after speaking at two schools earlier in the day, arrived right on time and greeted many of the guests by shaking their hands.  Of course, The Kid was able to shake his hand and was completely over the moon. Again, it’s the rock star thing.

Mr. Pearson spoke to the crowd for about 15 minutes about the series, his relationship with Disney, and how several elements of this last book were directly influenced by the fans and their writings. For someone who had been speaking all day, he was extremely kind and gracious. I’ve seen many other authors speak. Sometimes their lack of enthusiasm for their characters peeks through as they continue to talk about the book or series they are trying to promote. His love for writing the series and these particular characters was quite evident. I appreciated this, particularly since all of the kids there loved those books so much.

He was so kind to all of the attendees. Many kids who read are shy, and that was evident at the event. The kids would talk so animatedly to their parents, but would start to get quite nervous as they got the chance to speak to Mr. Pearson. You could tell how he would start to draw them out with questions about their beloved books. By they time each child, and adult, was done speaking with him, they would all want to give him a hug or high five. It was amazing to see how much time he would put into each guest.

Ridley Pearson Kingdom Keepers

As you can see, The Kid was extremely excited. So much so, she decided to draw a picture for Mr. Pearson. Apparently, the picture for Neil Gaiman made an impression on her.

Again, The Kid charmed another author. It’s obviously her true love of reading that shines through, but this time it was almost comical. She always wants to ask authors what it’s like to be a professional writer. They often say the same things. It’s difficult, and it takes a long time to come up with what you end up reading. She always nods her head sagely as they talk about their process. Then, this time she wanted to ask Mr. Pearson if any of his friends are also writers. As he let her know that he’s friends with Rick Riordan, of Percy Jackson fame, and Eoin Colfer, the author of the Artemis Fowl series, she started jumping up and down for joy. She let him know that those were some of her favorite authors, and that she just finished reading several of those books. She was obviously elated to know that her favorite authors sit down together and have those conversations that she has with them in her dreams. Her excitement for writers was contagious, then this happened.

Ridley Pearson Signing

Ridley Pearson said that The Kid’s love of books was contagious, and he wanted to just bottle it up. I don’t know that she has ever laughed so hard.

See. What did I say. The Kid enchants authors with her love of their books. So much so, that Ridley Pearson wanted to try to bottle it up. He physically picked her up and told her that she was just a great kid. If I didn’t have picture evidence, I don’t know that anyone would have believed me. As you can see from the picture, she was in heaven.

So, we got her books signed, got to spend a little time together around books, and she got a hug and another rock star moment from a famous author. Again, this is becoming a habit. I can think of worse ones.

**Thanks again to the foxes at Fox Tale Book Shoppe for letting me use a few of their pictures from the event. It was great ladies, and we thank you!