Sarah Milligan Weldon

This is me, Sarah Milligan Weldon. Yeah, so I like going to the symphony…big surprise, I’m a geek!

Being a Geek Girl in the South is harder than you think.

I read. A lot. I mean I read anywhere between 50-100 books a year. I got my degree in Technical Communication from an applied engineering technology university. This means I went to school with 85% men. I’m not super into football, though when pressed, I’ll check on a Georgia Tech or University of Arkansas score. Honestly, I’d rather be watching Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, or Empire Strikes Back. I really don’t wear dresses all that often, though I know how to accessorize the hell out of some Converse All Stars. I wish my house looked like those houses in Southern Living, but in reality, it would likely run as a “before” picture. I am a Southerner by birth, but a geek by choice.

Before the invention of social media, people like me in the South were kinda ignored. Well, no longer! Geeks are finally reaping the rewards of our geekdoms. You see, we geeks are no longer alone. There
are millions of us, and we have power. Our books and comics are made into top grossing movies. Our gaming and computer knowledge is getting us top paying jobs. Though, if you think about it, everyone has their own geek. You can be a sports geek, car geek, fashion geek, book geek, art geek, music geek, etc. We are all geeks at heart.

Here at The Geeky Southerner, we will write about all kinds of geeks, their geekdoms, and what it’s like here in the South. The real South. Not the Gone with the Wind or Deliverance type of South some of you imagine. I love the South, not because of the antebellum houses and hoop skirtsĀ  (though, some of those houses will take your breath away), but because of the strange oddities and road side attractions, the characters and the ghost tours, the spanish moss and art, the boiled peanuts and the stories. We will eventually get to them all.

We hope that you will follow us, like us, or subscribe to follow all of our adventures. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us a We are so glad that y’all are here!



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